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Dan Harmon Is Returning To COMMUNITY


Dan Harmon is heading back to Greendale.

Almost a year to the day after Sony kicked Harmon off COMMUNITY for reasons never fully disclosed but heavily hinted at (Harmon has since admitted he difficult to work with and that his very public feud with star Chevy Chase didn’t endear him to the suits at NBC), he announced Friday via his Twitter that he’ll be returning as showrunner for the fifth season.

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Adamantium Women #44: Penelope Cruz

This week, J checks out PIRATES OF CARIBBEAN: ON STRANGER TIDES star Penelope Cruz. Click on the pic to check her out…

Adamantium Women #43: Elsa Pataky

Funny thing happened this weekend as I was watching FAST FIVE, I found myself completely transfixed by the little lady playing The Rock’s interpreter. Gal was quietly crafting a real character right in the middle of a f**king FAST AND THE FURIOUS pic. Impressive. Thing was, I couldn’t remember where I’d seen her before. The name “Elsa Pataky” didn’t ring any bells and I spent a good portion of the movie racking my brain trying to figure out where I’d seen her before.

Incidentally, this kind of memory loss happens to me quite a bit. I see an actor or actress that I can’t quite recall where I saw them before and I go crazy trying to figure out where I know them from. The answer usually triggers in the middle of the night, while I’m half-asleep. I’ll spring straight up in bed and yell out “SNEAKERS! You know, the one that Mary McDonnell had to record in order to get the password! Stephen Tobolowsky!!”. This is usually followed by AngieBee slapping me upside the head which results in me going to sleep realizing that I’m a dumbass.

Anyways, I opted out of the “middle of the night revelation” thing and instead went straight to IMDB once the movie was over. And guess what? It didn’t help. I still don’t know where I recognize Pataky from. Oh sure, I’ve seen a couple of films on her resume, but the majority of her stuff is foreign-made pics that I’ve never seen. A quick glance reveals that she’s been romantically linked to Adrien Brody and that she is currently married to Chris Hemsworth (THOR) but I’m pretty sure that isn’t where I know her from. The Google search simply turned up hundreds (if not thousands) of skintastic pics of Pataki (a good many of which I am about to share), but that still isn’t where I know her from.

Probably going to go crazy trying to remember what film I remember her from, but oh well. Can’t really do anything about it now except for drop a few comments on some of her previous work and suggest that you check out FAST FIVE. Pataky, aside from being drop-dead sexy, is easily the best thing in the film outside of the vehicular mayhem.

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Adamantium Women #42: Emma Roberts

Up until the release of SCREAM 4, Emma Roberts was one of those actresses who always struck me as very talented but who had yet to really discover her potential and exploit it. Daughter of b-movie legend Eric Roberts and niece to Julia Roberts, Emma should’ve been an instant star.

You don’t come from that level of pedigree and not immediately walk out a megastar. Well, I guess you can, but Emma should’ve gone further than her career is at this point. Might be hard to believe with recent credits like SHARKTOPUS and WITLESS PROTECTION cluttering up his resume, but Eric Roberts hit big almost immediately back in the day. Dude did an opening one-two punch of THE POPE OF GREENWICH VILLAGE and RUNAWAY TRAIN back in 84/85. As for Julia, I don’t think I need to remind you that her first two big roles were in STEEL MAGNOLIAS and PRETTY WOMAN. There’s no excuse why Emma shouldn’t have been a bigger star by now.

SCREAM 4 is a nice start on a path to better things. Anyone who has seen that flick knows that Roberts totally owns the movie, outshining series vets Courteney Cox, David Arquette and Neve Campbell. Emma’s recent forays into the indie world are also a step in the right direction. My only hope is that she bails on making anymore kid’s pictures. Dopey stuff like HOTEL FOR DOGS, AQUAMARINE, SPYMATE and 40 episodes of something called UNFABULOUS might be why it has taken so long for this gal to hit the big time.

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