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Dan Harmon Is Returning To COMMUNITY


Dan Harmon is heading back to Greendale.

Almost a year to the day after Sony kicked Harmon off COMMUNITY for reasons never fully disclosed but heavily hinted at (Harmon has since admitted he difficult to work with and that his very public feud with star Chevy Chase didn’t endear him to the suits at NBC), he announced Friday via his Twitter that he’ll be returning as showrunner for the fifth season.

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Kate Upton Cast Alongside Cameron Diaz And Leslie Mann In THE OTHER WOMAN

According to THR, model Kate Upton has joined the cast of Nick Cassavetes’ upcoming comedy THE OTHER WOMAN. The film is about a woman (Cameron Diaz) who discovers she is “the other woman” in an affair. She then teams up with wife (Leslie Mann) and other mistress (Upton) of the husband (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) to exact revenge. Nicki Minaj co-stars as an assistant at a law firm who doles out love advice from the vantage point of her third marriage.

Diaz, Mann, and Minaj? Wow. There’s a trio I have absolutely no interest in seeing up on the big screen. My interest even manages to dip a little lower than “NONE” when I hear this flick is being sold as “a younger version of THE FIRST WIVES CLUB”.

So why am I am posting about this? The answer is simple: Kate Upton. I’ll see THE OTHER WOMAN because of her. I’ll endure what is sure to be two hours of pandering faux-feminist pop bubblegum bullplop just to witness a few minutes of cutie pie Upton trying to be an ACTRESS. Maybe she’ll succeed, maybe she’ll fail. Either way, I’ll be there.

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First Look: Alexa Vega In MACHETE KILLS

In case you haven’t heard, Alexa Vega will be playing an assassin named Killjoy in Robert Rodriguez’s MACHETE KILLS. She recently uploaded a pic of herself in character and in costume (ha) to her Twitter account. I’ve included that pic after the jump. Please try not drool on your keyboard when the realization little Carmen Cortez from SPY KIDS has blossomed into a 24-year-old uber-hottie hits you.

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Happy Halloween From Arianny Celeste!

C.O.O.L (Current Object Of Lust) gal Arianny Celeste is scary sexy. No, seriously, she’s scary sexy. She’s a sexy babe (who also happens to be a UFC Octagon Girl, actress, and Playboy Cover Model) capable of being scary (in an non-scary Elvira kind of way). Boobs and blood. Booty and brains. Scary sexy. See what I’m getting at? Am I over-explaining this? Am I waffling? Probably.

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