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Adamantium Men #32: Jason Statham

In this week’s installment of Adamantium Men, AngieBee checks out epic ass-kicker Jason Statham. Click on the pic to read the full story…

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Adamantium Men #31: Paul Walker

AngieBee here. Paul Walker is a cinematic beach bum, the action hero equivalent of Owen Wilson. I’m not knocking him as an actor, but simply pointing out his place in Hollywood. Vince Vaughn is the lovable motor-mouth, Adam Sandler is the egg-headed goofball, Jason Statham is the shirtless Brit ass-kicker and Walker is a beach bum. Some actors know their place and some don’t. Walker knows his place in the world.

I just got back from seeing FAST FIVE and it seems only fitting to make this week’s Adamantium Man Walker, especially considering I’ve already done Vin (sorry, no repeats) for this column. That sounded a little dirtier than I anticipated. Let’s move along, shall we?

Paul is a solid actor who has managed to carve a career out of playing variations of the same type of character. He is always cast as the likable jock/hero who will end up with the girl and save the day. And though you will rarely see him outside of that character type, Walker somehow manages to keep this archetype fresh and audiences never seem to grow tired of his schtick. Simply put, Paul Walker is this generation’s Keanu Reaves.

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Adamantium Men #30: Cam Gigandet

AngieBee here,

This week’s Adamantium Man is Cam Gigandet, a slice of beefcake so sexy that just looking at him makes one a bit weak in the knees. Thanks to a semi-diverse list of screen credits, Cam is quickly becoming one of my favorite actors working today.

Though I have to admit that I am not sure if Cam is getting all the accolades that he deserves for the wonderful work he’s doing. I think there is a slight problem of getting people to like him. I guess when you are most remembered for James in TWILIGHT, it’s a bit hard for people to see you as a good guy. Cam was just so good as a blood-thirsty vampire (the only real vamp in the entire movie), that the whole baddie thing stuck. I’m surprised he isn’t kicked when he’s out in public. Hopefully his more recent sympathetic and funny turns will break this little curse Cam has inflicted upon himself and will propel him to much greater heights. I hope.

Click on the pic to check him out…

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Adamantium Men #29: DANIEL RADCLIFFE

I just got back from seeing HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS PART I, which I really enjoyed, and I figured it was time to do a Adamantium Man column on Daniel Radcliffe. Daniel has virtually grown up right in front of my eyes which has kept him off this list, it just felt naughty saying a kid was good looking. After all, Daniel is no longer the little boy audiences first saw in the original POTTER.

He has gone from lanky, weird looking, sorta-ok actor in a role that seemed to be way complicated and over his head to a now mature actor who owns his “Harry Potter” role. The only problem now is that Daniel will be forever typecast. Great as he is in the Potter pics, can you really see him as anything else? I like to call this the “Mark Hamill” syndrome.

Click on the pic to AngieBee’s full take on everyone’s favorite wizard…