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Adamantium Men #29: DANIEL RADCLIFFE


I just got back from seeing HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS PART I, which I really enjoyed, and I figured it was time to do a Adamantium Man column on Daniel Radcliffe. Daniel has virtually grown up right in front of my eyes which has kept him off this list, it just felt naughty saying a kid was good looking. After all, Daniel is no longer the little boy audiences first saw in the original POTTER.

He has gone from lanky, weird looking, sorta-ok actor in a role that seemed to be way complicated and over his head to a now mature actor who owns his “Harry Potter” role. The only problem now is that Daniel will be forever typecast. Great as he is in the Potter pics, can you really see him as anything else? I like to call this the “Mark Hamill” syndrome.

Of course, this doesn’t really matter because Daniel is now one of the most famous actors in the world. He is also the second richest teen in Britain behind Prince Harry Windsor. And he really is trying to break out of the Harry mold, his first (and probably most infamous) attempt being his recent appearance on the stage in a new take of EQUUS. It was very well-received by critics and audiences alike.

I think once the HARRY POTTER movies are finished that Daniel might have a real chance at being a lead actor. Maybe if he does a couple of seriously non-POTTER roles and hones his craft on Broadway for awhile, that’ll allow audiences to separate the man from the character and he’ll have a real chance.


HARRY POTTER AND THE SORCERER’S STONE - Daniel was merely “ok” in the first installment of the Potter series. Honestly, I had no idea how popular this was going to be. I hadn’t read the books as they seemed overly complicated. Who wants to read a book that needs it own special dictionary to understand? So, a movie on this book series that didn’t mean anything to me didn’t interest me at first.

However, once I saw the movie, I got what had everybody hooked. We got introduced to three kids who started on this magical adventure that would allow them to grow up right before our eyes. Daniel was 12 years old when he started on the role that changed his life. At that point, he’d only been seen in two other movies (THE TAILOR OF PANAMA and DAVID COPPERFIELD). Daniel landed this role because while at a play with his dad, the producer of Harry Potter kept staring at Daniel realizing how much he looked like Harry Potter. The rest is history. It should be noted that Daniel had started reading the first book at 8 years old but was unable to finish it he finally did after being cast.

HARRY POTTER AND THE PRISONER OF AZKABAN - This is actually Daniel’s favorite of the Potter movies and I’m apt to agree. I love the story of the Dementors and Sirius Black. This was just more meat and potatoes not just filler like the first two installments. The kids were now older and the POTTER finally developed into a “just can’t wait until the next movie“ series.


DAVID COPPERFIELD - Daniel’s first movie he played the young David Copperfield. I think I saw this on cable, but I honestly don’t remember him in it. Of course, I wouldn’t remember him because I wasn’t looking for him at the time. I will probably see if I can NetFlix this to just see what Daniel looked like at ten. I like to see how much people change and can I see any part of the actor we know today.

THE TAILOR OF PANAMA - Daniel’s second movie again he played the son of Harry and Louisa Pendel. Jamie Lee Curtis played the part of his mom and actually pointed out to Daniel’s Mom that Daniel was a dead ringer for Harry Potter. So, I think it was destiny and a chain of events started that eventually led to Daniel being cast as Harry Potter. Not sure what the actual movie is about because I don’t recall seeing it.

DECEMBER BOYS - This is the only movie Daniel’s done during the Potter franchise. BOYS was a low budget drama that cost only 4 mil and only opened on 4 screens. I missed it and most everyone else (at least, stateside, that is) did. The movie based on a novel by Michael Noonan about four orphan boys. The movie is one of those coming-of-age movies where the lead (Daniel) falls in love with a girl (Teresa Palmer), deals with some personal conflicts and learns a couple of life lessons. You know the drill. The main plot, however, deals with the boys, who are great friends, until a family decides to adopt only one and the four end up competing for the adoptive family.


HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE - This is actually my least favorite of the Potter pics. The acting was fine, but the film is a giant letdown. I was waiting for a big battle or something amazing, but instead got the death of a major character and not much else. The least they could have done for…SPOILER ALERT!…Dumbledore after he died was give him a funeral, but no. It’s almost as if the director ran out of time and released the movie minus an ending.


HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS PART I - A great movie that is leading up to what will, no doubt, be a great finale. In theaters now. I would recommend this to anyone who has seen these movies. However, be sure to brush up on your Potter pics before seeing this one as to not get lost.

HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS PART II - Due to be released in July 2011. This should be the last and probably the best of the series. Hopefully, we’ll get some actual closure and not another busted ending like the end of HALF-BLOOD.

THE WOMAN IN BLACK - A horror thriller due to be released in 2011. Filming now, this one is going to be in 3D, so all you Radcliffe fans be sure to take note.

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