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Digital Wasteland: NOVEMBER 30th, 2010


THE FANTASIA ANTHOLOGY (DVD and Blu-Ray) - I love FANTASIA and FANTASIA 2000, so this is an obvious pick for MUST BUY of the week. Hell, I’m getting a little misty at the idea of getting to see both of these flicks in pristine Blu-Ray quality on my big-ass television. If there was ever a reason that I spent so much money investing in a quality home theater system, it was for this release. That’s how much I love both of these movies. However, I will admit that this release is not for everybody and that people who don’t appreciate quality animation and pure storytelling probably won’t get much out of these two flicks. However, if you love film, you’ll dig this release. It should also be noted that DESTINO, the animated collaboration between Walt Disney and Salvador Dali, is included in this release. I think misty just turned into a full-on torrent of fanboy tears.

KNIGHT AND DAY (DVD and Blu-Ray) - Personally, I enjoyed the hell out this flick when it hit theaters last June and I have no clue why it didn’t do better. Oh wait, I do know why it didn’t do better: the ad campaign (horrible posters), the title (still don‘t get it), stars that have worn out their welcome with audiences (Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz) and a general lack of interest (probably didn‘t help that it opened the week after TOY STORY 3 and the same week as GROWN UPS). Trust me, this is one fun little spy caper and it is definitely worth adding to your collection. Tom Cruise may be crazy as a damn loon in real life, but movie star Cruise always delivers the goods. KNIGHT AND DAY is no exception.


THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE (DVD and Blu-Ray) - Laugh all you want, but I actually enjoy the TWILIGHT series and there’s nothing wrong with that. Hell, I don’t understand why more fanboys don’t. You want to get women (most women, that is) to like you? Ripping on TWILIGHT won’t help you. Embracing it will. Hell, talking about TWILIGHT with most gals will immediately make you pop up on their radar. Way more than talking about why Han shot first or why AVATAR isn’t as good as the original TERMINATOR (though the super-cool girls will talk about those subjects). TWILIGHT goes far past the tweenybopper Twi-Hards. It crosses the age barrier with all women. Young, old or right in the middle, chances are if they are a woman, they love TWILIGHT.

And just as a sidenote to the whole “TWILIGHT will get you laid” comment I just made (apologies to my female readers), this series is actually pretty okay. Granted, ECLIPSE isn’t quite as good as NEW MOON, but there are definitely some interesting moments here and there are far worse ways to spend a couple of hours.

THE SORCERER’S APPRENTICE (DVD and Blu-Ray) - I’m still scratching my head as to how uber-producer Jerry Bruckheimer and Nic Cage turned a segment of FANTASIA into a full-blown Harry Potter clone, but the result isn’t half-bad. Definitely worth a rental at the very least. I will say that this really isn’t appropriate for little kiddies, as they will probably be spooked by most of the supernatural shenanigans that go down, but the teens in the house will love this.

GOING THE DISTANCE (DVD and Blu-Ray) - I never got around to seeing this Justin Long/Drew Barrymore rom-com, but I’ve heard good things. Not good enough that I should suggest you buying it, but good enough that I’ll suggest you add this to your Netflix queue.


VAMPIRES SUCK - EXTENDED “BITE ME” EDITION (DVD and Blu-Ray) - First off, I’m not sure how a movie that is only seventy minutes long with nearly twelve minutes of end credits actually constitutes being a movie. Second off, I really didn’t like this flick. Didn’t hate it, but I didn’t like it either. There are a few cute gags here and there, but there’s just not enough. TWILIGHT is a pretty fucking easy target, so how these guys managed to miss it so badly is beyond me. Just do yourself a favor and give this one a pass.

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