Bella Heathcote, Eva Green And Jackie Earle Haley Join The Cast Of Tim Burton’s DARK SHADOWS

With Tim Burton’s big screen version of DARK SHADOWS ramping up production and Johnny Depp already attached to star as vampire Barnabas Collins, actors are starting to line up for what is shaping up to be a very interesting film. Deadline is reporting that Jackie Earle Haley is up for the “Willie Loomis” role, Bella Heathcote (pictured on the left) for “Victoria Winters” and Eva Green (pictured center) has been cast as “Angelique”, the witch who turned Barnabas into a vampire.

Gotta say, I’m digging the casting choices thus far. Nice to see that Burton is actually gathering actors that are outside of his normal casting familiars. I honestly expected the likes of Helena Bonham Carter, Jeffrey Jones and the reanimated spirit of Glenn Shadix to be the first folks cast.

The only problem I have with this trio is Green. Not because she’s a bad actress because she’s not and not because she’s not easy on the eyes because she is, but rather the inclusion of Angelique. Being a SHADOWS fan, I’d personally like to see Barnabas be the center of the first film and if any sequels follow then Burton can incorporate the other monsters that used to pop up on the show. Angelique is a great character and Green is a fantastic choice, I’d just hate to see her get regulated to the background and underutilized.

Other than that, solid casting choices all around. As long as Burton doesn’t fall into his old tricks (If Carter is cast as Josette, I’m gonna be pissed), this new version of DARK SHADOWS might actually be worth checking out.

There's always room for more Eva Green pics.

[via Deadline]

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  1. I use to watch this every single day after school and the one day I came home and some guy said. “Dark Shadows will no longer be seen on this station” Password will be shown in it’s place” Something like that and Oh my gosh! I’m still not over it.

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