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Marvel Studios Is Eyeing Shane Black To Write And Direct IRON MAN 3

Writer/director Shane Black is reportedly up for the IRON MAN 3 directing gig, according to Hollywood Reporter.

If Marvel Studios has a single ounce of sense, they will make this happen. They’ve already screwed the pooch by running off Jon Favreau after he delivered two quality IRON flicks. And they’ve damn near alienated star Robert Downey Jr by shoehorning him into other Marvel flicks against his will. They need to get back into the fanboys and Downey’s good graces and hiring Black would be a good way to start.

For one thing, Black is one of the best action screenwriters in the biz. End of story. His resume includes such action classics as LETHAL WEAPON, THE LAST BOY SCOUT and THE LONG KISS GOODNIGHT. Also of note, he’s currently working on a big-screen version of DOC SAVAGE and he was recently tapped to write and direct a US version of the popular manga DEATH NOTE. Oh, and did I mention he played Hawkins in PREDATOR?

I think it’s safe to say that he’s got cred with the fanboys.

But the real kicker here is that Downey and Black have worked together before on KISS KISS BANG BANG, Black (who wrote and directed that flick) actually took a chance on Downey back when he was uninsurable and no one in Hollywood was giving him any respect (this was pre-IRON MAN). And while that flick may not have made any money, it is a definite cult hit and represents the beginning of Downey’s meteoric return to A-list.

Considering Downey produces the IRON MAN flicks, it would not surprise me to discover that he’s returning a favor to somebody who took a chance on him back when the chips were down. And let’s face it, Black could probably deliver one helluva IRON MAN flick. Just the thought of what he could with the franchise sends cold chills down my spine.

Considering IRON MAN 3 already has some solid demerits against it so far, let’s hope Marvel does right and hires Black for the job.

[via Hollywood Reporter]

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