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Simon West To Direct RED SONJA; Amber Heard Top Choice For The “She-Devil With A Sword”

I wasn’t aware of this, but apparently director Robert Rodriquez and star Rose McGowan are no longer attached to the RED SONJA reboot. You might remember that Rodriguez was going to produce the flick and allow his longtime second unit director Douglas Aarniokoski to helm with McGowan as the “She-Devil With A Sword” Sonja. Hell, there were even concept teaser posters created with her in costume and kneeling on a mountain of skulls!

And while I knew that this version of SONJA had encountered some problems and was basically in development hell, I didn’t realize that all of the people connected to had left. If anything, I figured that producer Avi Lerner was waiting to see if his upcoming CONAN reboot was going to be successful before giving the greenlight to another sword-and-sandals epic.

Turns out, I was only half-right. Lerner IS waiting for Marcus Nipsel’s CONAN redo to hit before giving the go-ahead to SONJA, but Rodriguez, McGowan and Aarniokoski have all left for greener pastures. But not to worry, Lerner has already found himself a new director and a potential new star: CON AIR helmer Simon West and uber-hottie Amber Heard!

According to Empire, Heard hasn’t been contacted about appearing in SONJA just yet but Lerner is so hopped up to hire her that he’s telling everyone she’s his top choice. The thought for SONJA is that they will film it between CONAN and CONAN 2 (I guess Lerner is so confident in that one that he’s already thinking sequel?) and that all three will be tied together in some way. Makes sense since both Conan and Red Sonja are both creations of Robert E. Howard and both have crossed paths in the literary and comic world.

And while I’m disappointed that the world will never see the RR version of SONJA, West and Heard are a good combo. West knows how to craft some serious popcorn entertainment which is just what this reboot needs. As for Heard, I don’t need to tell you that the image of her with flaming red hair, a chainmail bikini and a big-ass sword is the stuff that fanboy fantasies are made of.

Hell, Amber Heard is the stuff fanboy fantasies are made of. Period.

USELESS KNOWLEDGE: One of Heard’s finest (both in acting and in terms of pure sexiness) roles was in ALL THE BOYS LOVE MANDY LANE which still has yet to be officially released stateside.

[via Empire]

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  1. Why can’t anybody enjoy a Conan movie wtuohit Arnold S. People need to realize Arnold will be dead soon from old age. It’s not like Conan the Destroyer was any good, people that like Destroyer and don’t like this Conan are just Arnold fanboys. I don’t care if Arnie returns, I just want a GOOD movie that’s not directed by the guy who did Pathfinder. =D

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