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The X-MEN: FIRST CLASS Trailer Is Here!

Bit late with this, but here’s the X-MEN: FIRST CLASS teaser trailer. Click below to check it out and be sure to stick around for my two cents.

Straight up, I love this trailer. This flick may end up being a total reboot of the series (more on that in a moment) and if it’s not it is definitely playing it fast and loose with the mythos, but this is the X-MEN movie I’ve been waiting for. No offense to Bryan Singer’s original, but I want my X-Men wearing black and yellow, flying around in the classic Blackbird and battling the Hellfire Club (led by Kevin Bacon of all people). I grew up on old-school X-men, so this trailer speaks directly to my sensibilities.

Besides, just look at how slick this looks. Director Matthew Vaughn has really outdone himself here and the addition of the Cuban missile crisis as a plot point now makes a lot more sense. Between the new TRANSFORMERS flick rewriting the moon landing and FIRST CLASS implying that Magneto thwarted a Cuban missile attack, this seems to be the year of retconning actual history at the movies.

Michael Fassbender, by the way, is so damn cool as Magneto that he might actually be a better choice for the role than Ian McKellen. Just saying.

As for James McAvoy as Xavier, he’s probably going be okay but nowhere near as good as Patrick Stewart. Let’s just face it, Patrick Stewart was born to play Charles Xavier.

Getting back to the whole “reboot” thing. I’ve ranted a couple times now that I think that FIRST CLASS is actually a reboot of the X-MEN series and not a true prequel. This assumption mostly stems from the fact that Emma Frost, who appeared in the X-film franchise already as a teenager, is now played by 32-year old January Jones in CLASS which is set nearly ten years before the events in X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE. And it’s not like the producers are even hiding this connection. Both Frost’s look the same and have the same power (something about diamond hard skin that must have been introduced recently in the comics because I don’t remember her having that ability), so what’s the deal?

Oh wait, I know. Reboot.

And here’s producer Bryan Singer all but confirming that the FIRST CLASS is a reboot to Hero Complex. The following quote is in response to a question about Havoc (played by Lucas Till in CLASS) being the brother of Cyclops (played by James Marsden in the first three X-flicks) in the comics but not the new film. Here’s what Singer had to say:

Yes, the timeline is different. It wouldn’t physically fit for him to be the brother of Cyclops. We take some liberties on that. There are notions, but, um, I don’t want to give away certain interrelations, but let’s just say there are some things that do adhere to the comic books and do so in a way the fans will get a kick out of. And those things can, perhaps, move forward into the future…. That’s one reason we wanted to call the film ‘First Class’ even though it isn’t the [Jeff Parker-penned story arc called] ‘First Class’ in the comics as fans know it. You couldn’t really tell that story without going even earlier and explaining how they got there and how it came to be. I liked the title, so we kept it, but this is a prelude in a way that will eventually lead to the [scenarios] that fit in more clearly with the ‘First Class’ comics and situations.

Sounds a bit like Singer is cleverly trying to scream “REBOOT!” without actually doing so. Plus, you do know that the WOLVERINE sequel being prepped by Darren Aronofsky isn’t going to actually be connected to the previous X-flicks, right? Seems like ORIGINS might be the end of the current X-film franchise and that FIRST CLASS and THE WOLVERINE might be the start of a new one.

And honestly, should this shock you? No, it shouldn’t. SPIDER-MAN and CAPTAIN AMERICA have been rebooted and new versions of THE FANTASTIC FOUR, DAREDEVIL and even GHOST RIDER are on the way. This is the way Hollywood is now and I guess we all need to get with the program.

Thankfully, X-MEN: FIRST CLASS looks amazing. And if this is the future of the franchise, then this is pretty good way to start. Let’s just hope that Fox doesn’t screw it up a second time.

Click on any of the thumbnails below to check out hi-res screencaps from the trailer!

[via Hero Complex]

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