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The Girls Of SUCKER PUNCH: Vanessa Hudgens

In honor of SUCKER PUNCH, we here at Adamantium Bullet are going to throw a spotlight on the five lovely leading ladies of the flick. Expect copious amounts of sexy pics, a little bit of commentary on their careers thus far and not much else. Enjoy!

Vanessa Hudgens. Just uttering her name sends thoughts of naughty cell phone pics, Zac Efron and marionettes swirling through my head. Is that weird? I mean, she did have the whole cell pic fiasco and she did/was/is date Efron for a few years. And she was in the live-action THUNDERBIRDS movie, so I guess that’s where the marionette thing came from despite the fact that she was real and decidedly not a puppet. Incidentally, that flick wasn’t that great. You might do well to avoid it.

Depending on your age, you might want to avoid most of this gal’s work. Regardless of sexy pics and her frequent skin-tastic photoshoots, Hudgens is a Disney kid through and through. Outside of the HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL movies, she’s appeared in stuff like THE SUITE LIFE OF ZACK AND CODY, DRAKE & JOSH, BANDSLAM (not technically a Disney movie, but it may as well have been) and DISNEY 365. So, unless you’re a tween or have a child, you might want to avoid most of this stuff.

However, feel free to check out SUCKER PUNCH where Hudgens is looking to shed her Disney image. One would have thought the cell pics would have done that, but they didn’t and…I’m waffling here, people.

Hudgens isn’t exactly the most exciting actress in the world, so I’m really struggling to find interesting things to say about her. She’s sexy, she’s in SUCKER PUNCH and I’ve included a bunch of sexy pics of her below. Let us abandon this idle waffling and simply enjoy.

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