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The Girls Of SUCKER PUNCH: Jena Malone

In honor of SUCKER PUNCH, we here at Adamantium Bullet are going to throw a spotlight on the five lovely leading ladies of the flick. Expect copious amounts of sexy pics, a little bit of commentary on their careers thus far and not much else. Enjoy!

Out of all the lovely ladies of SUCKER PUNCH, Jena Malone is the seasoned pro. Forty-three credits in a little over fifteen years? That’s impressive. Really impressive when you realize that Malone has figured out how to deftly move between micro-budget pics, indies and blockbusters.

What’s even more impressive is that Malone has appeared in quality stuff like CONTACT, COLD MOUNTAIN, DONNIE DARKO, LIFE AS A HOUSE, PRIDE & PREJUDICE, THE RUINS, INTO THE WILD and THE MESSENGER. And that’s the shortlist! Scope out her IMDB page and you’ll see that this gal has dabbled in every genre and has delivered solid performances across the board.

If there’s a single complaint to be had about Malone it would be that she is almost too good of an actress for SUCKER PUNCH. I just got back from my first viewing of the flick and I can tell you that she ran circles around all the other actors. It’s not that their performances were bad, it’s that Malone’s was so good.

Hey, she’s cute, always funny in interviews and I have yet to see a bad performance from her. What else do you want?

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