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Adamantium Men #30: Cam Gigandet


This week’s Adamantium Man is Cam Gigandet, a slice of beefcake so sexy that just looking at him makes one a bit weak in the knees. Thanks to a semi-diverse list of screen credits, Cam is quickly becoming one of my favorite actors working today.

Though I have to admit that I am not sure if Cam is getting all the accolades that he deserves for the wonderful work he’s doing. I think there is a slight problem of getting people to like him. I guess when you are most remembered for James in TWILIGHT, it’s a bit hard for people to see you as a good guy. Cam was just so good as a blood-thirsty vampire (the only real vamp in the entire movie), that the whole baddie thing stuck. I’m surprised he isn’t kicked when he’s out in public. Hopefully his more recent sympathetic and funny turns will break this little curse Cam has inflicted upon himself and will propel him to much greater heights. I hope.


TWILIGHT - Ah, the role that put Cam on the map. James is one of the most memorable villains in the entire TWILIGHT series. He earns the wrath of Edward (Robert Pattinson) by taunting Bella to the point of sacrificing herself to save her mom. James is so bad, totally believable and is the only real vamp in the series. While the Cullen clan is running around being “vegetarians”, James is busy sucking human blood and killing the innocent townsfolk of Forks…just like a real vamp would. While I like Edward, Jacob and Bella, James is the less boring and more memorable of all the characters. Cam’s performance is pretty great here and I really love how James enjoying toying with his prey before going in for the kill.

NEVER BACK DOWN - Think THE KARATE KID for the MMA generation and you might have a good idea of what NEVER BACK DOWN is all about. Cam plays the Johnny opposite Sean Faris who is basically playing the Daniel LaRusso role. Thing is, Cam’s Johnny is like Johnny on acid. Cam is so vicious here, so vile, that it almost makes Johnny seem like somebody you’d want to hang out with.

EASY A - Cam plays Micah, who is arguably one of the funniest and craziest characters in this hilariously unpredictable teen comedy. Emma Stone might get the big scenes and all the fame, but Cam steals the show. His wishy-washy uber-Christian character is one of the best reasons to check out this pic. Easily the funniest he’s ever been.


BURLESQUE - Jack is the bartender at Cher’s super glamorous burlesque club who has a huge crush on Ali (Christina Aguilera) despite the fact that he is engaged to Quinn from GLEE. There are two very compelling reasons to see this unseen gem. One being Cam is totally hot. This might be the hottest he’s ever been on-screen. Number two is the nudity, Cam gets totally naked (except for a well-placed box of cookies) and the view is amazing. Probably one of the best “ass shots” that I have ever seen. Need I say more?

PANDORUM - Considering this only grossed around 20 million worldwide, I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only one who missed Cam in this. The plot description for this one makes it sound like a sci-fi flick, but the trailers and posters seem to be pushing that this is a horror pic. That bit of confusion might be why this tanked so hard.


THE UNBORN - I actually enjoyed this flick quite a bit but the biggest problem with it was that Cam was saddled with a throwaway character. He gets a couple of quick scenes as lead Odette Yustman’s boyfriend and then he is…SPOILER ALERT…killed off in a rather non-dramatic fashion. What a waste of a such a talented guy.

THE ROOMMATE - Didn’t see this one, but I’ve heard that this is yet another boyfriend role for Cam and that he doesn’t get much to do other than be menaced by a psycho Leighton Meester.

WHO’S YOUR CADDY? - Being that you just read the title of this flick, I really doubt I have to describe to you why a movie with that title would be a CAREER LOWLIGHT for Cam.


PRIEST 3D - Cam is playing against type here as he will be hunting down the vampires that have abducted his niece. See? What a nice guy. I don’t think he will be quite as sexy here but I can’t wait to see it. This one opens in theaters on May 13th.

TRESPASS - Ransom movie of some sort, set to open on Sept 1st. Being that there are no trailers, posters or even promo material out for this yet, I really can’t give you any opinion on it. Here’s hoping that Cam doesn’t get saddled with yet another generic boyfriend character.

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  1. He is hands down the hottest man on the planet. I own every movie he’s ever made – including one you missed!! On The Doll. And what about Volchok in The OC? He was great in that series. I bet Famous Amos cookies set a record sales after Burlesque

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