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Armie Hammer Is THE LONE RANGER!

Variety is reporting (found the link over at Cinema Blend) that Armie Hammer (he played the Winklevoss twins in THE SOCIAL NETWORK) has been signed to play the titular hero in Gore Verbinski’s THE LONE RANGER. He’ll be joining Johnny Depp who has been cast as Tonto, the Ranger’s Native American sidekick.

Hammer is a solid, if bland, choice. I guess his blandness is the reason that he was cast. Depp is obviously the big star here (word has it that Tonto’s role has been expanded and he's now the true lead) and Disney doesn’t need another marquee star overshadowing him. Previously rumored Ranger candidates George Clooney, Ryan Gosling and Brad Pitt would’ve proved problematic when deciding who’s name should go over the title. Hiring Hammer makes that decision much easier.

[via Cinema Blend]

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  1. It’s a bunch of crap they don’t even have him in real native airtte. He looks like Jack Sparrow with a breast plate and bird glued to his head. Guess they didn’t bother to be kinda authentic, just a Hollywood Indian, Like painting a white person black to play African. It’s kind of creepy. But I’m sure he will get the spot light. I do love Depp’s acting. He might get some back lash from Native Americans, hope he’s not disrespectful with the character even if Tonto is fictional.

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