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Film Bites: The Trailer For Jason Segel’s Rom-Com GREEN WITH ENVY Will Shock You

Don't read the following paragraph unless you totally want to be spoiled as to what the big surprise in the trailer for GREEN WITH ENVY is. No kidding...this is a threat level alpha SPOILER ALERT!!!

Here’s the trailer for the upcoming rom-com GREEN WITH ENVY starring Jason Segel and Amy Adams and…ah, who am kidding? What you are about to witness is the first teaser trailer for THE MUPPETS. That’s right, THE MUPPETS. Do I really need to say any more than that? No, I don’t. You know they rock, I know they rock and everybody in the known world should be overjoyed that these guys are heading back to the big screen. If you’re not happy, then perhaps you need to get your heart checked because you are dead inside.

Enjoy and don’t be afraid to let a smile out. It’s okay.

Posted by J. Bryant

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