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Rumor Mill: Is Loki Going To Team Up With Thanos To Battle THE AVENGERS?

I’m not going to drop a SPOILER ALERT at the beginning of this piece because I do not feel that one is warranted. The following is simply a rumor about who might be one of the villains in next summer’s THE AVENGERS. That’s all. The average person probably has no idea who I’m about to mention and, seriously, any true Marvel fanboy probably already knew this was coming.

Latino Review is reporting that Thanos, a power-mad cosmic tyrant who has frequently tussled with the heroes of the Marvel-verse, might team up with Loki (who, in case you missed the post-credits scene of THOR, survived) to take on the Avengers. Not many details are known at this point and the whole thing is still in the rumor stage, but it makes sense.

Why? Keen-eyed viewers during THOR might’ve have spotted the Infinity Gauntlet (pictured below) in Odin’s trophy room. And if you’re a keen-eyed viewer who happens to be a fanboy, you already know that wherever that glove is, Thanos is certainly close by or in the process of getting there. The Gauntlet is the one thing that Thanos craves most in the universe and I knew the second I spotted it in THOR that the big guy would be included in either THE AVENGERS or THOR 2. Guess my assumption has been pseudo-answered.

Fun to speculate at this point, but be sure to remember that this is still a rumor. At the moment, the rumor mill has Loki, the Skrulls and Thanos as the baddies of THE AVENGERS. That’s a lot of villains for one picture. I doubt Marvel wants this flick to suffer from the overkill problem that has plagued previous superhero epics (looking at you, SPIDER-MAN 3).

[via Latino Review]

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