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Pop-Pourri: Vanessa Hudgens Teaches The Proper Way To Iron Clothes

I dig Vanessa Hudgens. Not afraid to admit that. Gal has a spunky cute look about her that just does it for me. Not a bad little actress either. I will admit that most of her movies are garbage (BANDSLAM, BEASTLY) and fluff (need I mention the HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL franchise?), but I’ve got a feeling that Hudgens is a dynamo talent just waiting to explode. Given the right role, she just might shock all of us. Too bad not more people went and saw her in SUCKER PUNCH. That might’ve pushed her more towards adult roles and away from the kiddie stuff (she’s set to appear in JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH 2 next year) that she’s currently stuck in.

That having been said, here’s some sexy pics of her from a recent photoshoot for Candies. Can’t really ramble on too much about Hudgens wanting to be treated as a serious actress or needing that one perfect role when I’m about to post a ton of pics of her ironing in her underwear. Seems wrong.

Enjoy the pics and click on any of the thumbnails below to check out the full-size versions!

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