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It’s Wednesday, hump day. The week is half over, and the weekend is just around the corner, so what is a dedicated movie watcher to do? In this weekly column, AngieBee makes her suggestions on what movies you should check out to get you through the rest of the week.

PLOT: Daphne (Amanda Bynes), a free-spirited American 17-year-old raised by her equally free-spirited mother goes to England to establish a relationship with her father (Colin Firth), who turns out to be a prominent political figure heavily involved in social customs. Daphne must attempt to fit in with the social requirements demanded of her, while also getting to know her father, dealing with his territorial other daughter, and maintaining her own self-identity.

REVIEW: AngieBee here with this week’s Hump Day pic WHAT A GIRL WANTS starring Amanda Bynes and Colin Firth. WAGW (what an awful acronym) is a “feel good” movie through and through. What teenager or grown woman hasn’t wished for that rich father she didn’t know existed but is willing to whisk her out of a life of boredom and into high society?

Daphne (Bynes) is a server at wedding receptions her mother sings at and has always longed for that sacred father/daughter dance. One occurs at wedding she works and she longs for the day she‘ll have hers …which is funny because I didn’t have a father/daughter dance. Don’t know anybody who ever has had one. Matter of fact, I didn’t really know that they existed till this movie. J says they exist so maybe it's just a high society thing. Sorry Dad.

The humor here is what really catches you off-guard. Well, it caught me off-guard. Reminds me of THE PRINCESS DIARIES. If you liked that movie then you will love this one. Bynes is a free spirited all-American teenager who loves music, dancing and just having fun. Obviously not the right gal to thrust into the throes of high society without so much as a single etiquette lesson. She accidentally walks onto a “uptight formal” fashion show wearing standard teen wear (jeans with holes in them) only to fall off stage and embarrass her father. Later, Daphne accidentally ruins a debutante ball by having the band play rock music. It works for a while until the bass starts shaking the ceiling and the poor home owner’s prize chandelier comes crashing down. To say she doesn’t fit in is an understatement.

To complicate matters, Firth’s father character is engaged to a would-be evil step-mom (Anna Chancellor) along with her dad/Firth‘s aide (Jonathan Pryce) and her devil daughter played by Christina Cole who all three would like to get rid of Daphne no matter what. They are in it for the spotlight not love and are conniving and cruel. They are the evil family to Daphne’s CINDERELLA. They sabotage her every move by lying about the sort of clothes she should wear, giving her the ugliest dress to wear to the ball and being just vile. However, Daphne takes it all in stride and thwarts their every attempt to ruin her newfound relationship with her father. I like to see evil plots. Predictable but satisfying.

Colin Firth, I just love him. Not really because his looks, but because of his style. Don’t get me wrong, Firth is nice looking…he’s just not gorgeous like Brad Pitt or Ryan Gosling. I think the accent does it for me. I do love to hear him talk and really enjoy him as an actor. Loved him in BRIDGET JONES'S DIARIES and LOVE ACTUALLY. He is just adorable. Even like him when he is doing his repressed uptight Brit schtick because he even manages to make that adorable.

I have to admit that I have not seen Firth's performance in THE KING’S SPEECH. I know I probably should, it being an important movie and all but it looks boring as hell. Have no interest in a movie that’s pivotal moment is a guy saying f**k six times. If I wanted f-bombs, I’d watch a Kevin Smith movie. J teases me that an older pic titled APARTMENT ZERO would change my view of Colin. Says he makes out with Ellis from DIE HARD and then goes all psycho on him. Not sure if I’m down for that.

Ok …back to the movie, Colin is the perfect “new” dad in WAGW. A rich Brit with political aspirations and yet he still wants to have something to do with his daughter even when she screws up and could potentially kill his chances of bring elected. Some new fathers would not be up to the task of raising a rambunctious teen, but Firth rises to occasion. Even has the “worried parent” mechanism kicks in when Daphne goes running off with a cute boy who’s in a rock band and drives a motorcycle.

The end scene is my favorite …but I wont spoil it for you though I ‘m sure you have all ready guessed what happens. Not exactly rocket science when I spent a whole paragraph detailing the one thing that Daphne wants but has never gotten. Guess the title of the movie (aside from being a reference to a pop song) also applies to the lead character.

WHAT A GIRL WANTS is definitely a “must see“ in my book. Not a whole lot stuff for the men in the audience unless they are fans of Bynes. Nice looking girl, but very young. So sorry guys, no treats this week but at least your girl will be happy you checked out a sweet film with her. Congratulations!!! The week is half over and Friday is just around the corner. Sit back, relax and enjoy the movie.

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