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DOCTOR STRANGE Might Be In The Works Over At Marvel/Disney

Sweet Dormammu, Disney and Marvel might finally be ready to give the go-ahead to the long-in-development DOCTOR STRANGE film adaptation!

Disney fansite Stitch King recently spotted that the Mouse House has snagged the domain names,, for future usage. That, along with the recent announcement that two dates in 2014 (May 16th and June 27th) have been pegged as release dates for two future Disney/Marvel projects, leads most to believe that the Doctor (no, not THAT Doctor) might finally be heading to the big screen. The other release slot is rumored to be reserved for CAPTAIN AMERICA 2.

For those who don’t know the character, Doctor Strange is one of the most accomplished masters of the mystic arts in existence and an inspiration to armchair sorcerers across multiple worlds. His ability to execute seemingly impossible spells and teleportations is legendary. Mystical artifacts like the red cloak of levitation and the eye of Agamotto only enhance his mystical ability and legend.

[via Stitch King]

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