Chloe Grace Moretz Is The New CARRIE!

Good News: Deadline is reporting that KICK-ASS ass-kicker Chloë Grace Moretz has been offered the lead in director Kimberly Pierce’s upcoming remake of CARRIE! MGM and Pierce offered the role to Moretz over the likes of Haley Bennett (too pretty and old), Dakota Fanning (too recognizable), Emily Browning (might‘ve worked), Bella Heathcote (not recognizable enough), and Lily Collins (just NO).

Personally, I think Moretz is spot-on for Carrie White. She’s age appropriate (she’ll be 16 by the time shooting starts), fully capable of making bad idea horror redos into something special (her work in LET ME IN is damn near iconic) and she’s comfortable spilling blood (see KICK-ASS). Her involvement (along with another bit of potential casting that I’ll get to in a moment) actually makes me kinda want to see this movie.

Bad News: This is still another remake of CARRIE. Even with Moretz in the lead, I’m still pretty sketchy about the whole thing. The last one (with Angela Bettis from MAY in the lead) and the 1999 sequel to the Brian DePalma original just didn’t work. And, if we’re being honest, I just don’t see how MGM and Pierce are going to make this one work.

I get that kids being bullied is a big thing in the news nowadays and that this new take will probably attempt to shoehorn some form of a message in …but this still has to end with Carrie nuking the prom, right? You can’t cut that bit out because that’s the bit everyone is coming to see. No matter what message or attempt to be relevant to modern teens is made, this is a flick that is going to end with a young girl losing her sh*t and burning her classmates to death. That’s just not a good message to throw out there. Especially with near-daily reports of school shootings and teen violence.

Will Be Incredibly Awesome If True News: All that having been said though, a CARRIE remake could work if done as a film and not as a message movie. Keep the bullying stuff but don’t play it hard. Play it like Stephen King’s book did. Use it only to establish sympathy for Carrie and as the catalyst for her ultimate meltdown but don’t get preachy. Preachy is not entertaining. DePalma knew this when he did the original film and I hope Pierce remembers that when shooting starts.

I think she’ll do good if the studio doesn’t pressure her. Pierce directing is a good thing. Moretz in the lead is a very good thing. And if the rumor Jodie Foster and Julianne Moore are being considered for the role of Carrie’s mom turns out to be true, well, that’s a beautiful f**king thing.

That’s right. Two of the most talented actresses today are up for Carrie’s crazy-ass mom. Moretz was enough to get audiences interest piqued but if either Foster or Moore (both of whom, interestingly enough, have played Clarice Starling to Anthony Hopkins’s Hannibal Lecter) are cast then this flick just became something way more than just another horror redo. With Moretz and Foster/Moore headlining, this new CARRIE might end up being (dare I say it?) better than the original. I’m just throwing it out there. Not saying that it will or won’t. But there’s definitely potential brewing. Serious potential.

[via Deadline]

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