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Dan Harmon Is Returning To COMMUNITY


Dan Harmon is heading back to Greendale.

Almost a year to the day after Sony kicked Harmon off COMMUNITY for reasons never fully disclosed but heavily hinted at (Harmon has since admitted he difficult to work with and that his very public feud with star Chevy Chase didn’t endear him to the suits at NBC), he announced Friday via his Twitter that he’ll be returning as showrunner for the fifth season.

Here’s the Tweet:

Harmon back means COMMUNITY will hopefully revert back to something worth watching and something I feel sorry for. I mean, seriously, NBC’s surprise decision to renew the show for a fifth season was met with confusion rather than celebration. I blame Harmon’s replacements Moses Port and David Guarascio and their decision to reduce the show into a pale shadow of what once was.

Oh sure, the duo delivered a couple of decent eps (“Intro To Knots” and “Intro To Felt Surrogacy” were actually quite good) and I’ll admit it was pretty clever how they wrote Chase out of the show after he quit but the rest of it was a jumbled mess. Too many abandoned subplots (What happened to Abed’s girlfriend?), dumb storylines (Changnesia), lame duck spoofs (The Hunger-Dean Games? REALLY?), boring eps (“Conventions Of Space And Time” and “Introduction To Finality” should’ve been SOOOO much better), and missing characters (Where the hell did Duncan, Vicki, Leonard, Fat Neil, Magnitude, Andre, Garrett, and the entire AC repair school disappear to?).

Long story short, let’s all thank Joel McHale for whatever he did that resulted in Harmon’s return and let’s celebrate by oogling pics and vids of COMMUNITY hotties Alison Brie (courtesy of Esquire and Speakeasy) and Gillian Jacobs (courtesy of Sharp).

Alison Brie bikini Esquire 2013 Alison Brie bikini Esquire 2013 2 Alison Brie bikini Esquire 2013 3 Alison Brie bikini Esquire 2013 4 Alison Brie bikini Esquire 2013 5 Alison Brie bikini Esquire 2013 6

gillian-jacobs-sharp1 gillian-jacobs-sharp2 gillian-jacobs-sharp3 gillian-jacobs-sharp4 gillian-jacobs-sharp5 gillian-jacobs-sharp6 gillian-jacobs-sharp7 gillian-jacobs-sharp8 gillian-jacobs-sharp9

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