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Jennifer Jason Leigh And Bella Thorne To Headline Franck Khalhoun’s AMITYVILLE


The Wrap is reporting Jennifer Jason Leigh (SINGLE WHITE FEMALE), Cameron Monaghan (VAMPIRE ACADEMY), and Bella Thorne (HOME INVASION) have been tapped by Blumhouse and Dimension Films to headline MANIAC director Franck Khalfoun’s upcoming reboot of the AMITYVILLE franchise.

Developed as a “found footage” pic titled THE AMITYVILLE HORROR: THE LOST TAPES, Khalfoun has ditched the gimmick and initial story which involved an ambitious TV news intern and a team of journalists, clergymen and paranormal researchers in favor more traditional yarn about a single mother who moves her three children into the Amityville house where they soon begin to learn of its dark history.

The film is set for release on January 2nd, 2015 …which means it’ll likely be a giant steamer. Not just because January is a notorious dumping month for the studios, but also because this franchise is completely played out. As much as I dig this crew (Blumhouse head Jason Blum is a modern master of horror, Khalhoun is incredibly underrated, Leigh always delivers the good, Thorne is an impressive up-and-comer, and I have no clue who this Monaghan kid is), I doubt highly they’ll be able to make this work. There have already been six (!) installments with families (THE AMITYVILLE HORROR, the 2005 reboot, AMITYVILLE II: THE POSSESSION, AMITYVILLE 3D: THE DEMON, AMITYVILLE 4: THE EVIL ESCAPES, and THE AMITYVILLE HAUNTING), three with curses (THE AMITYVILLE CURSE, AMITYVILLE: THE LEGACY 3D, THE AMITYVILLE ASYLUM), assorted documentaries (SHATTERED HOPES: THE TRUE STORY BEHIND THE AMITYVILLE MURDERS, MY AMITYVILLE HORROR, THE DEFEO MURDERS, AMITYVILLE: THE HAUNTING, THE REAL AMITYVILLE HORROR STORY, and AMITYVILLE: HORROR OR HOAX?), and numerous spin-offs involving haunted artifacts including a clock (AMITYVILLE 1992: IT’S ABOUT TIME), a mirror (AMITYVILLE: A NEW GENERATION), and a dollhouse (AMITYVILLE DOLLHOUSE). Oh and did I mention New Line is developing an Amityville-centric sequel to last summer’s sleeper smash THE CONJURING?

Ugh. AMITYVILLE, like SAW and HELLRAISER before it, just needs to die already. It’s getting embarrassing, pointless, and, worst of all, annoying.

1FeAnxGCutie Bella Thorne

[via The Wrap]

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