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Check Out NSFW Spoiler-Heavy GAME OF THRONES Sex And Violence Supercuts

Since AngieBee and I are a week from re-debuting of the T.G.I.F. (Totally Gratuitous and Inappropriate Friday) column, I thought maybe it would be a good idea to prep all you readers out there for the upcoming onslaught of nudity, violence, and f*cked up imagery with a little teaser. You know, just something to give an idea of how it’s going to be around here on Fridays from now on. That way you'll be prepared …or warned.

What follows are two incredibly NSFW videos, courtesy of the demented deviants over at The Huffington Post and Digg, that collect every single moment of sex (So much skin! Good, bad, okay, alright, not okay, not alright incredibly disturbing …it’s all here!) and violence (5179 kills!!!) from the first three seasons of GAME OF THRONES. If you’ve been watching the show, you already know what to expect. If you haven’t, this may not be the best intro to it. Either way, it’s still pretty shocking to see all bundled together like this. I mean, seriously, has there ever been a show as over-the-top gratuitous and blood-soaked as THRONES? I don’t think so.

Quick note: It should go without saying that these videos are very heavy on spoilers and stuff you probably shouldn’t watch with your loved ones, co-workers, family, friends, neighbors, and whoever, but I’ll say it anyways. I don’t want you coming back and blaming me later if you get yourself dumped, fired, or divorced. That having been said, Enjoy.

‘Game of Thrones’ Sex And Nudity: The Complete Collection

USELESS KNOWLEDGE: According to The Daily Beast, The original THRONES pilot, shot on location in Northern Ireland and Morocco, was directed by Tom McCarthy, the director of THE STATION AGENT. When HBO was unimpressed and threatened to not pick up the series, several roles were recast (notably Michelle Fairley replaced Jennifer Ehle as Catelyn Stark; Emilia Clarke replaced Tamzin Merchant as Daenerys; Roger Allam replaced Ian McNiece as Illyrio), the locale was changed (Malta replaced Morocco), and the pilot was rewritten and reshot by Tim Van Patten.

[via The Huffington Post, The Daily Beast, and Digg]

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