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Keanu Reeves And Eli Roth Team Up For Psycho-Sexual Thriller KNOCK KNOCK


Per Deadline: Keanu Reeves has signed on to star and executive produce writer/director Eli Roth’s upcoming psycho-sexual thriller KNOCK KNOCK. In the film, Reeves will play a happily married family man whose life is turned upside down when two beautiful girls show up at his house and menace him while his wife is out of town.

Lorenza Izzo (Roth’s muse as of late, having co-starred with him in AFTERSHOCK and headlined his Netflix series HEMLOCK GROVE and cannibal pic THE GREEN INFERNO) and Ana de Armas (BLIND ALLEY) are on board to play the girls. Ignacia Allamand and Aaron Burns, both of whom also appeared in INFERNO, play the man’s wife and best friend respectively. Colleen Camp (CLUE) will play an unspecified role.

As interesting as this project sounds and as glad as I am that Roth has finally gotten his mojo back after the whatever caused him to quit directing features for the six years following the release of HOSTEL: PART II, I’m a confused as to why he’s not acknowledging KNOCK KNOCK is a remake of the 1977 film DEATH GAME (aka THE SEDUCERS).

Not only is the plot and amount of characters involved identical, both films feature Colleen Camp. She played one of the psycho girls in DEATH GAME. Her casting, as well as the fact she’s producing the picture AND was the one who brought it to Roth’s attention, is not a coincidence. So what’s the deal? Did they not get the rights to do a remake? Is it going to be a pseudo-remake that’ll play close to original, but not so close as to incur a lawsuit? Is it a remake that Roth is just going to play like it’s an original script? I don’t know. I’m probably overthinking this. Official remake or no, I dig the idea of Reeves (who hasn’t appeared in a straight-up thriller since 2000’s THE WATCHER) and Roth team-up. There’s serious potential there.

For those of you who haven’t seen DEATH GAME, I found the full film over on YouTube and have included it below. It’s NSFW and pretty f*cked-up, but definitely worth a look if you’re into sleazy old-school grindhouse flicks.

USELESS KNOWLEDGE: Eli Roth was fired by director Martin Brest on MEET JOE BLACK for being an "untalented stand-in." Roth later worked on the film as a production assistant, but was hidden from the director, put in the basement of the studio, where he turned the air conditioning on and off between takes. (IMDB)

[via Deadline]

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