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While I was big fan of the theatrical posters for INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS, I have to admit they were missing something. I wasn’t sure what until I watched the movie itself. I guess I was sensing that the posters were sort of misleading people, or maybe perhaps the PR people over at the Weinsteins were selling the movie wrong, but the main thing that was wrong with the theatrical posters was that they didn’t actually give people the right impression about the flick. But, the movie has opened, made some decent bank, and the posters obviously did their job.

Posterwire has posted an interesting alternate poster design for INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS that wasn’t used. Designed by illustrator James Goodridge, this hand-drawn masterpiece doesn’t quite sell the movie right either, but damn does it look good. I especially like the fact that Melanie Laurent’s character, Shosanna, is given the entire backdrop of the poster, because it properly conveys her character in the movie. In the movie, the entire plot, more or less, revolves around her, and it does the same here.

Too bad this wasn’t used, as I’d love to see a return to old school hand-painted posters.

inglourious_basterdsClick on the image to enlarge.

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