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31 Days Of Horror: MAN-THING

For the next 31 days, us here at Adamantium Bullet will be reviewing one horror flick a day leading up to Halloween. Each pick will be horrific, terrifying, chilling, pulse-pounding, or flat-out awful. All endured in honor of the season. Expect spoilers. Welcome to Adamantium Bullet’s 31 DAYS OF HORROR.

In today's episode, J Bryant and AngieBee check out the mucky Marvel Comics monster mash MAN-THING starring Matt Le Nevez, Rachael Taylor, Jack Thompson, William Zappa, and Alex O'Loughlin.

man thing

PLOT: Kyle Williams (Matt Le Nevez) thought taking the new post of Sheriff in the sleepy town of Bywater would be exactly the change of pace he needed. But the peaceful town is now what it seems. While investigating a series of gruesome murders, Kyle discovers that the locals are hiding a frightening secret. Torn between who and what to believe, the only straight answers he receives are from feisty young schoolteacher Teri (Rachael Taylor). Together they embark on a quest to unravel the truth.

BODY COUNT: 12. Billy (James Coyne) is skewered by Man-Thing in the pre-credits kill. Racist old drunk bastard Steve (William Zappa) dies when a tree branch grows in his chest and explodes out of his mouth. The old sheriff is killed off-screen – shot to the spine and torn apart. Thibadeaux # 1 (John Batchelor) is skewered, in a single movement, up his ass, out of his belly, and then back down his throat. Ew. Thibadeaux # 2 (Ian Bliss) is drowned. Fraser (Alex O’Loughlin from HAWAII FIVE-O) is drawn and quartered by Man-Thing.

Jake (Patrick Thompson) is beaten to death, Ploog (Robert Mammone) is shot, Pete (Rawiri Paratene) is drained of his life, and Roque (Steve Bastoni) is blown up. Frederic Schist (Jack Thompson) is stabbed in the chest and pumped full of oil. Man-Thing explodes and returns to the swamp.

BEST KILL: Probably Frederic’s demise. Nasty and totally earned. Dude was a dick.

NAKEDNESS: Sarah (Imogen Bailey from the Aussie soap NEIGHBOURS) shows off her bouncy boobies, Billy shows a little bit of booty, and Teri (Rachael Taylor) remains clothed. Little bit of midriff, but no skin. Boo.

SIGNATURE MOMENT: Director Brett Leonard plays the JAWS card and keeps Man-Thing in the shadows for nearly 75 minutes. When the big guy does finally does reveal himself, it’s an impressive(ish) sight. Funky CG beastie with what appears to be a couple of practical bits. Very creepy, kind of like Groot from GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY gone bad.

IDIOT MOMENT: Oh, where to begin? None of the characters have cell phones despite this being set in 2004. Almost every character at some point or another wanders into the swamp in the middle of the night to investigate a spooky sound or look for a character who has gone missing. Steve barricades himself in a security shed in order to protect himself from Man-Thing and then proceeds to shoot holes the walls and door. The pre-credits sequence/kill features two characters, Billy and Sarah, who sneak off into the swamp to get their f*ck on. MAN-THING is a virtual symphony of stupidity.

USELESS KNOWLEDGE: MAN-THING changed almost everything from the Marvel Comics in the transition from page to screen. Among the changes were moving the setting from the Florida Everglades to Louisiana (though the film was actually made in Australia), and changing the creature's powers from burning those who "know fear" to being able to manipulate the swamp's vegetation. The movie also made no mention of A.I.M. or their attempt to steal the super soldier serum. The character is also represented in a significantly more antagonistic light than the comic-book version. Man-Thing's former identity remained Ted Sallis, though in the film he is portrayed as a Native American shaman instead of a scientist. Consequently, the Man-Thing's origin is somewhat different, though the Nexus of All Realities is still involved. Additionally, in a tip-of-the-hat to the original comics series, supporting characters are named after Man-Thing artists Mike Ploog and Val Mayerik, and writer Steve Gerber. (Wikipedia)

The character of Brandt (Stephanie Szostak) in IRON MAN 3 is based on Ellen Brandt, the ex-wife and villain to Man-Thing. (IMDB)

Although filming was originally intended to be done in New Orleans, budget realities forced the production to be relocated to Australia. They were the first production to use the new Kurnell studios, and enlisted regional actors for virtually every role.

The film's budget was estimated at 7.5 millions dollars, its North American box office take was just $143,615.

A test screening for the movie was held in which a lot of the audience walked out before the movie even ended.

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