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From The Vault: HITMAN (2007)

FROM THE VAULT is a spoilery, mildly rambling, sometimes NSFW look back at forgotten favorites, forgettable flops, underrated gems, and early entries in already established film franchises.

In this episode, J Bryant and AngieBee revisit the unjustly derided Euro-thriller HITMAN starring Timothy Olyphant (JUSTIFIED), Olga Kurylenko (QUANTUM OF SOLACE), Robert Knepper (PRISON BREAK), Henry Ian Cusick (LOST), and Dougray Scott (DOCTOR WHO).


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A professional assassin known only as Agent 47 (Timothy Olyphant) gets caught up in a dangerous political takeover. He flees across Eastern Europe, hoping to find out who set him up and why. However, his growing attachment to a beautiful but traumatized young woman poses as great a threat to his survival as that of the Interpol and Russian agents who are hunting him down.



> When the project was first announced, Vin Diesel was going to star as Agent 47. Despite Timothy Olyphant taking over, Diesel is still credited as executive producer.

> Most of the footage from the opening credits is edited from footage from the TV show DARK ANGEL, which shares a similar story line about genetically enhanced children trained as super assassins and soldiers.

> When Agent 47 jumps through the hotel window into the kid's room, they're playing HITMAN: BLOOD MONEY for the PlayStation 2.

> While Dougray Scott often pulls a cigarette out, he never actually manages to light one.

> Director Xavier Gens was removed from his directing/editing position after Fox decided to go back and re-shoot/re-edit the movie in October 2007. Fox denied this, claiming he was still directing and editing, however it was later confirmed as true by Timothy Olyphant.

> Both Olga Kurylenko and Xavier Gens said the train platform sequence was one of their favorite scenes - a scene that would later be reshot and replaced by the studio shortly before the movie was released.

> Director Xavier Gens was originally asked by the studio to make the movie PG-13, which he refused to do because of the source material. He was allowed to shoot the movie aiming for an R, however in the final stages, he was removed and Nicolas De Toth was brought in to re-edit the movie to a PG-13 for commercial purposes, as he did with LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD.

> All of the above USELESS KNOWLEDGE was provided by IMDB.

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