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T.G.I.F. #49: TENEBRAE (1982)

TOTALLY GRATUITOUS AND INAPPROPRIATE FRIDAY is a spoiler-laden NSFW podcast where J Bryant and AngieBee discuss movies/shows you probably shouldn’t watch with your spouse, significant other, teenage children, parents, small children, buddies, children in general, siblings, folks you barely know, or ones with heart conditions. You’ve been warned.

In this week's episode of Totally Gratuitous and Inappropriate Friday, J Bryant and AngieBee discuss writer/director Dario Argento's gloriously grisly giallo TENEBRAE starring Anthony Franciosa, John Saxon, and Daria Nicolodi.

Visiting Rome on a promotional tour for his new novel, writer Peter Neal (Anthony Franciosa) is pulled into a murder mystery as someone familiar with his work begins a series of killings. While the police look into the crimes, Neal investigates on his own, aided by his beautiful assistant, Anne (Daria Nicolodi), and a tenacious young local named Gianni (Christian Borromeo). As the murderer brutally dispatches of other victims, Neal gets closer to discovering the psychopath's identity.

The Official TENEBRAE Drinking Game

Take a shot when…

…A character smokes or a cigarette ad appears in the background.

…A red herring is introduced.

…A car crashes or a fight breaks out in the background.

…Someone gets the axe. Literally.

Take a double shot when…

…A police officer drinks while on the job.

…A young girl catches a ride with a young boy on his motorcycle.

…A character is way too f*cking causal about murder.

…Someone gets the razor. Clothing optional.

Take a triple shot when…

…A crazy awesome crane shot sneaks into the movie.

…A dog pops up and kicks off an abnormally long stalk and slash sequence.

…A super cool John Saxon appears and shows off his snappy new hat.

…Someone gets a knife to the gut. No witnesses.

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