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T.G.I.F. #50: SINGAPORE SLING (1990)

TOTALLY GRATUITOUS AND INAPPROPRIATE FRIDAY is a spoiler-laden NSFW podcast where J Bryant and AngieBee discuss movies/shows you probably shouldn’t watch with your spouse, significant other, teenage children, parents, small children, buddies, children in general, siblings, folks you barely know, or ones with heart conditions. You’ve been warned.

In this week's episode of Totally Gratuitous and Inappropriate Friday, J Bryant and AngieBee discuss the morbidly macabre midnight movie SINGAPORE SLING starring Meredyth Herold, Michele Valley, and Panos Thanassoulis.

Detective Singapore Sling is chasing after Laura, a romantic memory from his past. One night he finds himself in a mysterious villa, watching two women bury a body. Shortly thereafter, he falls into their trap and, in an atmosphere of isolation and decadence, the trio act out insane pleasure games and a ritual of blood and murder.

The Official SINGAPORE SLING Drinking Game

Take a shot when…

…the daughter f*cks her daddy who just so happens to be a mummy. Eww.

…Singapore Sling passes out.

…director Niko Nikolaidis “treats” the audience with a loving close-up of Singapore’s shoelaces.

Take a double shot when…

…the daughter recites her special version of Issac Asimov’s “Three Laws of Robotics”.

…Singapore Sling, the daughter, and the mother engage in a Menagé à Trois.

…director Niko Nikolaidis “treats” the audience with a graphic close-up of someone messily eating either seafood or human flesh.

Take a triple shot when…

…the daughter flat out f*cking violates a piece of fruit.

…Singapore Sling endures extreme electroshock therapy.

…director Niko Nikolaidis “treats” the audience with an uncomfortable close-up of an unconventional strap-on.

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