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T.G.I.F. #51: EVILS OF THE NIGHT (1985)

TOTALLY GRATUITOUS AND INAPPROPRIATE FRIDAY is a spoiler-laden NSFW podcast where J Bryant and AngieBee discuss movies/shows you probably shouldn’t watch with your spouse, significant other, teenage children, parents, small children, buddies, children in general, siblings, folks you barely know, or ones with heart conditions. You’ve been warned.

In this week's episode of Totally Gratuitous and Inappropriate Friday, J Bryant and AngieBee discuss the sleazy sex-crazed sci-fi slasher EVILS OF THE NIGHT starring Neville Brand, Aldo Ray, Tina Louise, John Carradine, Amber Lynn, and Julie Newmar.

It's geriatric aliens vs. sex obsessed teens in Mardi Rustam's outrageous EVILS OF THE NIGHT! Beautiful young women have been disappearing and no one can figure out how and where they go. But in the darkness, sinister forces are lurking: a group of aliens have been draining the local youth of their blood so that they can live forever!

The Official EVILS OF THE NIGHT Drinking Game

Take a shot when…

…a neck is kissed or licked.

…a guy manages to somehow have sex despite not removing, or even unzipping, his pants.

…our would-be hero Brian demonstrates some examples of casual mid-1980s sexual harassment.

Take a double shot when…

…human or alien girl-on-girl action cues up and goes nowhere.

…fallen stars John Carradine, Julie Newmar, or Tina Louise attempt to maintain dignity while spouting scientific nonsense about draining teenagers of their blood.

…the aliens zap a character using either their light up decoder rings or spaceship.

Take a triple shot when…

…Kurt tries to force himself on someone. Ick.

…someone goes swimming in what appears to be a filthy swamp.

…a mid-coitus death occurs ruining what, up until that point, appeared to have been a magical evening.

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