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From The Vault: PREDATOR (1987)

FROM THE VAULT is a spoilery, mildly rambling, sometimes NSFW look back at forgotten favorites, forgettable flops, underrated gems, and early entries in already established film franchises.

In this episode, J Bryant and AngieBee discuss PREDATOR starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jesse Ventura, Bill Duke, Shane Black, Kevin Peter Hall, and Sonny Landham.

Dutch (Arnold Schwarzenegger), a soldier of fortune, is hired by the U.S. government to secretly rescue a group of politicians trapped in Guatemala. But when Dutch and his team, which includes weapons expert Blaine (Jesse Ventura) and CIA agent Dillon (Carl Weathers), land in Central America, something is gravely wrong. After finding a string of dead bodies, the crew discovers they are being hunted by a brutal creature with superhuman strength and the ability to disappear into its surroundings.

> Jean-Claude Van Damme was originally cast as 'The Predator', the idea being that the physical action star would use his martial arts to make the Predator an agile, ninja, hunter. He was dropped for being too short, at 5'9" (Arnold Schwarzenegger and his team are bodybuilders who are between 6'2" and 6'5"). Additionally, it was reported that Van Damme constantly complained about the monster suit being too hot, causing him to pass out. He also had allegedly voiced his reservations on numerous occasions regarding the fact he would not be appearing on camera without the suit. Additionally the original design for the Predator was felt to be too cumbersome and difficult to manage in the jungle and, even with a more imposing actor was felt to not provoke enough fear. Van Damme was removed from the film and replaced by Kevin Peter Hall.

> Stan Winston was the one brought in to re-design 'The Predator'. The creature's mandibles of were the idea of James Cameron.

> Two of the actors portraying commandos besieged by the Predator have been elected to state governorships: Jesse Ventura (Independent) was elected Governor of Minnesota in 1998, and Arnold Schwarzenegger (Republican) was elected Governor of California in a hotly-contested recall election in 2003. In addition, Sonny Landham (Republican) ran an unsuccessful campaign for Governor of Kentucky in 2003. Landham and Ventura also sought to enter the Senate in 2008 in their states as, respectively, a Libertarian and an Independent. Both dropped out.

> The original "Hunter" model, named because the original title of 'Predator' was 'Hunter', was a large creature with a long neck, a head shaped like a dog, and one big eye in the middle. This can be seen on the camouflage demos on the DVD. It was only when Stan Winston moved in that the complete design of the "Predator" changed, along with the title.

> Dutch's line, "Get to the chopper!" is Arnold Schwarzenegger's personal favorite catchphrase of all of his films that he has appeared in.

> Jesse Ventura was delighted to find out from the wardrobe department that his arms were one inch bigger than Arnold Schwarzenegger's. He suggested to Schwarzenegger that they measure arms, with the winner getting a bottle of champagne. Ventura lost, because Schwarzenegger had told the wardrobe department to tell Ventura that his arms were bigger.

> The USELESS KNOWLEDGE portion of this review was provided by IMDB.

Posted by J. Bryant

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