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FROM THE VAULT is a spoilery, mildly rambling, sometimes NSFW look back at forgotten favorites, forgettable flops, underrated gems, and early entries in already established film franchises.

In this episode, J Bryant and AngieBee discuss AVP: ALIEN VS PREDATOR starring Sanaa Lathan, Ewen Bremmer, Colin Salmon, Tommy Flanagan, and Lance Henriksen.

A scientific team finds itself in the midst of an epic war between the two extraterrestrial species deep below the frigid Antarctic.

> With the filming of ALIEN VS PREDATOR, Lance Henriksen became the second actor to be attacked by an Alien, a Predator, and a Terminator. Bill Paxton was the first.

> Ridley Scott hated the film, but James Cameron admitted that he enjoyed it, and placed it third on his favorite of the ALIEN films.

> 20th Century Fox wanted Roland Emmerich to direct the film back in the late 1990s, due to the box-office success of INDEPENDENCE DAY, but Emmerich turned down the offer, choosing to work on other projects. Brett Leonard, Chuck Russell, Joe Johnston, and Rob Cohen were all considered for directing the movie at one point.

> According to director Paul W.S. Anderson, if they'd filmed in Hollywood, the sets would have cost them twenty million dollars. In Prague, they only cost two million dollars, an important factor in keeping the film's budget down below fifty million dollars.

> Lance Henriksen was actually fighting a cold while on-set.

> This film had both the shortest filming and post-production schedules of any studio film in 2004. Filming was given 2 1/2 months, while post-production was given just four months to complete.

> The USELESS KNOWLEDGE portion of this review was provided by IMDB.

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