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FROM THE VAULT is a spoilery, mildly rambling, sometimes NSFW look back at forgotten favorites, forgettable flops, underrated gems, and early entries in already established film franchises.

In this episode, J Bryant and AngieBee discuss WITHOUT WARNING (aka IT CAME WITHOUT WARNING) (aka "The Unofficial Inspiration For PREDATOR") starring Jack Palance, Martin Landau, Ralph Meeker, Cameron Mitchell, Neville Brand, and David Caruso.

A group of teenagers, a gas-station attendant, and a Vietnam veteran pit themselves against an alien invader that is hunting humans for sport.

> WITHOUT WARNING was the fifth and final cinematic collaboration between director Greydon Clark and cinematographer Dean Cundey.

> The picture was made for $150,000 (of which $75,000 went to Jack Palance and Martin Landau as their salaries) and was filmed in three weeks.

> Greydon Clark doubled both Jack Palance and Martin Landau in long shots in which they either run or walk towards the alien.

> Larry Storch and Cameron Mitchell both only worked for half a day on this film.

> The alien head was created by special makeup effects artist Rick Baker. According to producer / writer Daniel Grodnik, "It cost me $19,000 to have Rick Baker - in his kitchen - make that alien head. And that was what was used on all the posters and everything else. So, it was worth it."

> The extreme close-up shots of the flying creatures digging into various people were filmed by a three person crew in Greydon Clark's garage.

> Film debut of David Caruso.

> The USELESS KNOWLEDGE portion of this review was provided by IMDB.

Posted by J. Bryant

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