dale-cooperActor Kyle MacLachlan is planning on reprising his most iconic role, Special Agent Dale Cooper. Last seen in TWIN PEAKS: FIRE WALK WITH ME, Cooper was to have made a comeback a few years back with the project, TWIN PEAKS: WITH A THOUSAND ANGELS. That never came to fruition, but MacLachman is still keen on revisiting everyone’s favorite pie-loving fed.

According to Wenn.com, MacLachlan says, "I have a crazy idea to bring back Twin Peaks on the net as five minute webisodes." As for any David Lynch involvement, MacLachlan is doubtful stating, "David's focus is more on transcendental meditation now."

TWIN PEAKS ended on a cliffhanger. For almost 17 years now, I’ve wondered what happened to Cooper after he was possessed by Killer Bob, so the idea of revisiting the character is appealing to me. What’s not so appealing, however, is the idea of five minute webisodes and a lack of involvement from Lynch. TWIN PEAKS is very much David Lynch’s baby, and to see it running without the master at the helm doesn’t seem like a good idea. Nor does the five minute webisode idea. TWIN PEAKS was all about the slow burn, and condensing that into five minute bursts doesn’t seem feasible.

All in all, I shouldn’t complain, a return to TWIN PEAKS would be welcome. Now if only someone could get a Blu-Ray of TWIN PEAKS: FIRE WALK WITH ME (including all of the deleted footage, details HERE) out, I’d be a happy camper.

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  1. I am watching twin peaks through for the first time. Of course I had to click on this article and read it when I saw the headline. I love the show and would be curious to see what it could come back as. Unfortunately, that doesn’t sound like it will actually happen, this is just a “crazy idea”. Yet you criticize it as though it were being produced. So this isn’t even news. Oh, and thanks for the major spoiler about the end of the show. This article was worse than a waste of time, it was a betrayal.

  2. You’re welcome.

    BTW, the standard statute of limitations used by most sites concerning spoilers is twenty years. It has been twenty-one years since TWIN PEAKS was on the air. Considering I watched the show when it was on the air and then revisited it by buying the multiple DVD releases, I don’t see any reason to apologize. I, along with most folks who either watched the show or have discovered it after-the-fact, have been talking about the ending for years now. There are actually multiple websites and blog devoted to the ending of this show. It’s kinda one of the biggest television unsolved mysteries of all-time. Just because you are late to the party doesn’t mean everyone else has to start screaming “SPOILER ALERT!!!!!” when they reference to the show.

    Sidenote: Websites (movie and television ones, in particular) report on all manner of news. Some news is official, some is rumor and some is just pure speculation. We criticize all of it equally. Rumors are debunked, official news is met with either happiness or disgust and speculation is always speculated. You might want to keep this in mind before visiting any more websites that are devoted to all things pop culture. And you certainly are going to want to avoid any and all TWIN PEAKS sites as most people on them speak about the show (and it’s ending) with wild abandon — a fact I’m sure will enrage you and make you feel as if you have been betrayed. Good word, by the way. “Betrayal”. I don’t know you, so there is no possible way that I could have betrayed you.

    In the case of the piece you read, it was an idea being floated by an actor on the show. I reported it because I thought it was interesting and, being a true fan of the show, I felt that my site could use a little TWIN PEAKS news. There have been many rumored TWIN PEAKS sequels, spin-offs and projects over the years and this was one of them. A quick look at my site shows that I have actually reported on three different PEAKS projects in the two and a half years since I started the site and I’ll probably post a good many more as they roll along. My impatience and criticism towards them is harsh only because I, unlike you, have been waiting for nearly two decades to see a wrap-up to this series.

    Do me a favor. Next time you want to open your mouth and say stupid shit, do it somewhere else. This site is no place for whiny neophytes.

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