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ADAMANTIUM MEN #16: Matt Damon

matt_damonMATT DAMON

Matt Damon is one of the most solid actors working in Hollywood today. One of my favorite things about him is that he can effortlessly alternate between playing a supporting role and leading man. Matt can look like a million dollar, tux wearing, sexy man or an everyman you see on the street every day. Matt makes a character look and feel real. He selectively chooses his projects and only does sequels if the script is as good or better than the first (which is why BOURNE 4 hasn‘t happened yet). I feel like Matt is probably an actual good person in real life, as he seems to have a actual life and a superstar life. He isn’t always causing a scene and getting into trouble with a lot of the stuff most “Hollywood” stars do. He keeps it simple, professional, and clean. Matt is an all-around great guy, he is a great actor, and a good writer (won an Oscar for his script GOOD WILL HUNTING). In other words, he’s a perfect Adamantium Man.




THE BOURNE TRILOGY - Matt single-handedly turned super spy Jason Bourne (previously only seen in a Richard Chamberlain tv mini-series from the 80’s) into a household name, rivaling even James Bond. Jason is a military trained killing machine with a memory problem. We go through three movies that show Jason coming to terms with who he is and what he has done. Matt plays this character so brilliantly, he makes the character so believable, and, shockingly, looks great while kicking ass. You would have never guessed that the kid from GOOD WILL HUNTING was so adept at breaking limbs and car chases.


OCEAN’S TRIOLGY- Here, Matt plays part of an ensemble (allowing Brad Pitt and George Clooney to do the heavy lifting) playing Linus Caldwell. Matt is such a great actor that even in a smaller role he still shines. Here he plays a master pick-pocket. Matt is able to show off his comedic chops as well, all while allowing the other actors in the group their moments. Normally, when an actor of Matt’s caliber is in an ensemble, they attempt to be the sole shining star and overshadow everyone. Fortunately, Matt is better than that and works well with the group.


GOOD WILL HUNTING - Matt not only acts in this great movie, he also co-wrote this movie with Ben Affleck. Matt plays the main character Will, a genius with psychological problems. He is great in this movie, finding a perfect blend middle-ground of being a smart asshole and a person you feel sorry for because of his terrible childhood. There’s a reason that this propelled Matt to stardom and its because he’s so mesmerizing in it.Goodwill Hunting 2: Hunting Season



EUROTRIP - Matt pulls a cameo appearance in this one, but what an appearance it is. He is only in a couple of scenes, but they are priceless. He is the lead singer named Donny that the main character’s girlfriend Fiona has been cheating with. Matt shows up in a party scene, singing a song titled “Scotty Doesn’t Know” and it is so funny. To make it even funnier Fiona is played by Kristin Kreuk, who normally is cast as the good girl. And in case you didn’t realize it, the main character’s name is Scotty and the song is about the fact that Scotty REALLY doesn’t know.

STUCK ON YOU - Matt plays Bob Tenor and is one of two halves, and the title STUCK ON YOU really applies. Matt teams up with Greg Kinnear, who plays Walt, in this dark humor comedy. The movie is based on the lives of two conjoined twins Bob and Walt. They decide to move to Hollywood so that Walt can become an actor. This gets funny because Bob is shy and doesn’t want to be a actor. In a weird way, the flick show just how conjoined twins would have to take on an acting job. Sure, its played for laughs, but could you imagine if conjoined twins were cast in a role that required only one of them?


SAVING PRIVATE RYAN - Matt actually plays the titular character here, but with megastar Tom Hanks in the lead, most people forget he’s even in the movie. The movie is about a group of WWII soldiers sent behind enemy lines to find missing soldier Ryan. Ryan’s brothers were all in the military as well, but have all died in the line of duty, so the military (in order to preserve his family’s bloodline) sends in Hanks and company to rescue him. Matt is decent here, but is largely forgotten due to his limited screen time and the other talent involved.



SCHOOL TIES - This is actually a pretty good movie dealing with anti-Semitism in America in the 40’s. Every one in this movie does a good job (especially Brendan Fraser, who’s student is bullied because of his Jewish heritage), the direction is good, and the script is fairly compelling. However, Matt is the bad guy here, a truly reprehensible racist who harasses Fraser to unhealthy degrees. Matt plays this part so convincingly that you literally want to punch him in the face, and what’s worse is that his character never learns a lesson. He’s an asshole for the entire length of the movie. Any movie that makes you want to punch the real-life actor in the face is definitely a CAREER LOWIGHT in my book.


THE LEGEND OF BAGGER VANCE and ALL THE PRETTY HORSES - Matt’s post-GOOD WILL HUNTING era was a hard time for him as an actor. All the big studios wanted to work with him, but didn’t seem to have any idea of what to do with him. Take VANCE and HORSES, for example. Both are beautiful-looking movies, but both suffer from awful scripts and the fact that Matt is horribly miscast in them. VANCE, in particular, is especially painful to watch, as it manages to waste the talents of Damon, Will Smith, and Charlize Theron in front of the camera, and Robert Redford behind the camera. These two pics represent the “dark period” of Damon’s big league career.



THE INFORMANT! - Matt stars in this Steven Soderbergh-directed comedy that is currently in theaters.


MARGARET - Matt teams up with Anna Paquin and Matthew Broderick in this drama due to be released in 2010.


GREEN ZONE - Matt teams up again with Greg Kinnear and BOURNE director Paul Greengrass in this CIA thriller due to be released in 2010.


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