ADAMANTIUM MEN #23: Dermot Mulroney


AngieBee here with 2010’s first Adamantium Man, Dermot Mulroney. He is a sexy, sweet yet cunning actor and can, in movies, charm his way in or out of any situation. He has been leading man occasionally, but usually is a side character. Here is my wish, let him be the lead in more movies. He’s great to look at and I am tired of the tween guys being the leads. I would like more mature men in movies, I don’t like feeling dirty because I just saw NEW MOON and thought the 16 year old was sexy. I like Dermot Mulroney and I would like to see him headline some movies in 2010.


THE WEDDING DATE - Mulroney plays a male escort here, sort of a gender switch on PRETTY WOMAN. Considering how good-looking he is, I’m shocked that he doesn’t get more business. Incidentally, where’s the number to call him? 🙂

POINT OF NO RETURN - Very young here, post YOUNG GUNS. He doesn’t really get much to do other than fall in love with Bridget Fonda’s assassin character and look confused as to why she won’t tell him the truth. He’s good here, but it’s a bit of a small role.

MY BEST FRIEND'S WEDDING - Here Mulroney plays the groom, while his best friend (played by Julia Roberts) tries to ruin everything because she realizes that she loves him. He is very naïve and sorta dumb, not realizing that his best friend wouldn’t take the news of his upcoming nuptials very well. Definite star role for him that lead to his inclusion in many a rom-com.


MUST LOVE DOGS - Another rom-com, this one casts him as the romantic rival against John Cusack for Diane Lane’s affections. Unfortunately, he is a cheating dirt bag in this movie, but still sexy and charming as hell.

ANGELS IN THE OUTFIELD - Mulroney has one scene here and he is an ass. He plays the deadbeat dad to young Roger. He’s a bit of a MacGuffin here, really serving only to cause Roger to wish for the Angels to win the pennant so he and his dad can be a family again.


YOUNG GUNS - I actually like this movie and all, but, for some reason, I don’t like Mulroney here. It’s not anything personal, I just don’t enjoy him in this movie at all. Though, from a technical standpoint, this is probably more of a HIGHLIGHT for him since it was one of his early high profile roles.

SURVIVAL QUEST - Weaksauce survival pic from the director of PHANTASM. There’s a reason you haven’t heard of this one, it’s just no good.


KISSES OVER BABYLON - A western set in 21st century in a technology-less future during a drought in California. Release date unknown.

THE FAMILY TREE - A dysfunctional family gets a second chance after the wife and mother loses her memory. Release date unknown.

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