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TRAINING DAY Scribe David Ayer To Write/Direct Reboot Of COMMANDO

Producer John Davis recently revealed to Collider that David Ayer has written a reboot of the Arnold Schwarzenegger action pic COMMANDO for Fox with the intention of direct…hey, wait a sec, haven’t I already written about this? I have! April 2010, Deadline broke the news of David Ayer being hired to write and direct a COMMANDO reboot. Oh well, old news is news nonetheless. Click on the pic to read the full story…

Film Bites: Evolution Brings Revolution In RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES

Much like the first trailer for RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES, this new one seems to have only one problem: James Franco. Dude is a fantastic actor and all (anyone who’s seen 127 HOURS or PINEAPPLE EXPRESS can attest to that, folks who’ve seen WHATEVER IT TAKES might argue) but he just seems bored here. Maybe this was paycheck picture? Maybe he didn’t know what he was signing up for? Or maybe he didn’t get used to acting against green screens? Who knows?

What I do know is that, outside of Franco and the gratuitous King Kong cameo at the 1:40 mark, this flick looks like ten bags of awesome. New trailer only reinforces that. Best moment hits at 1:58 when this glossy hi-tech (WETA did a fantastic job with the CG here) reboot goes all old-school APES on us. Brought chills. Love it.

Click on the pic to check it out…

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FIRST CLASS Trailer Highlights Jennifer Lawrence’s Mystique; Ignores Kevin Bacon

X-MEN: FIRST CLASS looks awesome. Plain and simple. I really don’t have much else to say on the matter. Well…I guess I could mention the fact that the series appears to have entered reboot stage and Fox is being coy about it. Oh and I guess I should mention that all of the posters released thus far (save for the international ones) have sucked balls. The trailers have all rocked (I still get cold chills from THIS teaser), but the posters have been absolutely awful.

So, yeah, not much to say outside of that. Here’s the official trailer for the flick. Lots of new footage here, mostly centering around the students and Magneto’s gradual submission to the dark side. Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique seems to be getting more focus (Been wondering when Fox was going to realize they had a recent Oscar-nominee in their cast) as is January Jones’ cleavage. Guess Fox is going for the teen boys by playing up the sexy. Not a bad idea. Might backfire, might work, never really know when using boobs to promote a movie.

Click on the pic to check out the trailer for X-MEN: FIRST CLASS…

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Photoshop Ruins Another FIRST CLASS Poster

I honestly don’t believe that there are words strong enough to describe how hideous this new one-sheet for X-MEN: FIRST CLASS is. It’s almost as if Fox isn’t even trying, like they already know that audiences are going to flock to this one regardless of the awful the f**king poster is. They’re right…but it doesn’t mean they should be allowed to get away with Photoshop atrocities like this.

Click on the pic to check it out…

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Film Bites: Five Seconds Of Monkey Business From RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES

This is a five-second long look at RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES starring James Franco, Tom Felton (first big post-POTTER pic for Draco) and Andy Serkis. There’s no Franco here, just a look at one ape. An ape that looks very suspicious and happens to have been designed by WETA, but an ape nonetheless. Not very exciting, I know. But considering Fox is playing it real coy with this flick and has yet to even release a stinking teaser poster (RISE opens, I kid you not, August 5th), I’ll take what I can get.

Click on the pic to check it out…

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